Some Kind of Art School (darkdisney) wrote in sarah_silverman,
Some Kind of Art School

Sarah Silverman, 'Dirty's Girl In Her Dirty World'
9 x 12
oil on panel

When i was a wee painter in art lessons i was taught to paint each hair on the eyebrows to make the look real.

You couldn't tell from the original progress shots but below the blue green was a bright yellow under-underpainting. When the cracking begins you can see it show up.

Chris who runs has been following the progress shots thewhiteleaf of my painting of Sarah. He found me through a blog search. He'd asked to put it on the site I told him I'd be fine with it as long as he would forward the painting to Sarah.

I know Sarah eyeballs the site from time to time and has even been interviewed by them. I hope she enjoys the painting and is interested in owning it.

::edit::Sarah saw it and said "oh my god - that is hilarious!!"::edit::

You can find the progress shots here thewhiteleaf
You find all final artwork here darkdisney
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